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I’m a Jesus-following, self-employed, home-schooling* guy, who is just trying to help others and do what’s right. I’m a long-time FileMaker Pro developer. If you’re looking for more information about my business, Tranquility Basics, there’s a handy little link in the top left corner.

Our family project is called Hope Canyon, and it is to be a facility that helps out single parents. We just started by moving here to Dublin, Texas in 2009, so we’re just getting started. We’re busy putting down roots in an effort to be ready to proceed with bigger plans sometime after 2012. If the Mayan calendar was wrong about the end of the world, that is.

I used to have a lot of content here, but I find that I don’t have time for that anymore. So I’ve reduced it down to just a bit-o-stuff to give a brief overview of who I am. Sorry if you miss some of the old stuff!

Instructions: The menu is all the way at the top, and you can click on the giant in the upper left corner to get back to this page. Enjoy!

  1. *In Texas, I’m required to homeschool simply because of the beard. (No, not really.)

Welcome to Brad Stanford’s home on the interwebs.

“But the Father of hearts, and the maker of noses, and the giver of dreams - He’s the one I have chosen. And I will follow Him. -Rich Mullins